The Odyssey

by | Apr 1, 2020

The Odyssey’ is an ancient Greek epic poem that was written by Homer in approximately 750 B.C. Founded in mythology, it describes the long, arduous ten-year journey of a man named Odysseus after the fall of Troy – (now an archaeological site in modern day Turkey). This fictional hero’s tale of wanderings marked an epoch in Greek history. His series of spiritual experiences, difficulties and adventures each taught him valuable lessons.

Is COVID-19 our Odyssey?

(Odyssey – meaning: Spiritual experience, adventure or journey).

The Novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China and spread like venom across the globe has hit South Africa like a vengeful ‘tsunami,’ leaving us to gasp for air while reeling with shock. I can’t help but take a step back and listen to what God is trying to tell us. From a Christian’s perspective I sincerely believe that there is a massive spiritual lesson we need to take away from this. However; The valuable lesson for each will differ.

Our 21st Century Epoch 

(Epoch – meaning: A particular period of time marked by distinctive features or events).

This pandemic event has caused our beloved country to go into a ‘lock-down’ for the first time in history… strangling our man-made systems that have been put in place over decades and redefining a new world order. Because of this fumbling chaos we are all experiencing unbelief on numerous levels while trying to comprehend what is busy unfolding before our eyes.


While some have thrown caution to the wind during this inevitable crisis others have taken the time to meditate on their own journey set before them in the face of this strange and unforeseen interval, suddenly the tempo of our lives like a metronome has come to a near standstill (that is, if you are not part of the essential services). We are being forced to re-structure our priorities and possibly re-examine the entirely of our lives. Suddenly our behavior, ideas and methods are different from what was once expected. Our norm is no more.

Your story

One day, you will reflect back on this moment ‘when our nation went into hiding to flee an invisible war which manifested itself as a silent killer – that snuffed out the lives of thousands of innocent bystanders’. A time in history we pray will never be repeated again.

You will be asked for ‘your story’. A version of events that will echo through your lineage. My goal is to encourage each reader to think differently about this entirely. We have been gifted a commodity that so few of us can truly afford. ‘Time’ – in essence it’s like liquid gold in an hourglass spilling to the bottom. How will you choose to spend it?

What will the title of your story be, and will you be proud to share it?

In this time of turmoil, may our hearts be turned to help those affected through creative ways. May our spirit be strengthened by our heavenly Father and may our pilgrimage lead us into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Photo by Tom Swinnen from Pexels

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