The gift of the giver

by | Jul 3, 2020

I must admit, this blog, to date – has been the most difficult to express in words. It has without a doubt, frustrated me beyond belief. Yet challenging enough, to not want this opportunity to pass me by without bringing its truth, to life, on this platform. Who thought, that such a simple deed (of giving) could be so complicated to communicate!

What I have come to learn is this: To give, is to render an act of kindness so powerful that it not only breaks open wonders in heaven but surpasses man’s ability to understand the atmospheric shift that it causes on earth.

I was recently reminded of a significant truth: A life lesson, shielded in a golden chalice: When you give something away, you open your hands to receive life’s blessings. But when you are on the receiving end, it’s two-fold. The love offering and the gift of giving. I was reminded of what a beautiful thing it is – to GIVE –

 There are a number of thought threads, that I could tug on, like the universal law of giving or even the Biblical view on sowing and reaping. But today, neither suffice. I want to reel you into the ‘human aspect’ of becoming a generous giver. I don’t refer to the act of ‘opening one’s purse’ but rather your hearts, to the idea that there is someone out (there) whose life you could change. Instead of looking for opportunities, you will start to see them all around you.

How do we change the world?
“One random act of kindness at a time”.
Morgan Freeman

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has, in my lifetime shown me random acts of kindness. Because you truly did change my world! To my dear friends, Amanda and Werner – thank you, for reminding me of the gift of giving! – I dedicate this blog to you –

Photo by Nina Luong on Unsplash




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