Escaping to Gouritsmond

by | Apr 25, 2021

There are those of us who cannot wait to pack our bags and head out to the great outdoors. Once we get there it is a different story altogether. The struggle to unwind and enjoy our natural surroundings is real.

I recently escaped to the tranquil seaside village of Gouritsmond situated roughly 43km from Mossel bay. I spent an idyllic weekend in an isolated limestone lodge, Eco Marine Lodge and Venue. Nestled between per mare, per terram – (in Latin simply; by land and by sea.) Its located on the extraordinary coast of Gouritsmond surrounded by marine and country kingdom.

Best tip – To break-away from the hustle and bustle, choose a venue that has little to no cellphone reception.

With a gentle nudge from nature to unwind I had no other option but to put away my reception – less cell phone. I made myself a comforting cup of coffee and was excited to explore the flora and fauna in the area surrounding our ‘off the beaten track accommodation.’ The greatest gift of this weekend escape, was that all my cell phone was good for, was taking photos. One cannot but otherwise feel liberated from the rat race. Reconnecting to nature and dipping your toes into the Indian Ocean is nothing short of breathtaking, a moment that simply cannot be captured, but only experienced.

If you are looking for old world charm, country hospitality and tasty home cooked meals, Eco Marine Lodge and Venue is a wonderful haven for a weary soul. The spectacular sea view in itself is enough to keep brining you back. Should you decide to unwind at this beautiful destination, you will be spoilt with astonishing sunsets and greeted with sunrises each morning that will leave you wanting more. Whether you go with wonderful friends like I had or solo, you will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

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