Why words?

On a clear and crisp page, letters are just a jumble of nonsensical jibber jabber. But harness them together and you orchestrate change in the world! Stories have always impacted me. They wield unimaginable power! They can create a catastrophic war, forge a lover’s bond or set off a hurricane of emotions.

As far back as I can remember, I hid securely in the blankety shadow of books. Wanting to be a journalist just like my uncle. I dreamt of being a war correspondent. Bringing justice to untold lives. Giving names to forlorn faces. Because words bring vengeance, can be used to set a path straight and graciously fil a gaping hole of finality. Words can bring healing and wholeness. Words can bring peace and calm. I am words!

About me

I had always been the quite girl in class. With a head full of dreams. I could have filled rivers with stories, built the Eifel Tower from my poems. Instead I packed 20kg into a bag and left home, not knowing when I would return: Barely out of Grade 12 and a few weeks shy of 18 years old, I flew to France on my own. Where I embraced an exploring life in Paris. I fell into a kaleidoscope of cultures and met many wolves, learning quickly how to sniff-out a razzmatazz!

Back-packing solo through Europe, was a euphoric mish-mash. My mind wandered and heart wondered down long endless train tracks. Criss-crossing over borders, around coastlines and into unknown worlds. I loved my independence, although at times I was lonely. I found courage in the words of strangers. Life would have been rather dull without the rambunctious people I met along my adventures. I discovered how much each person’s memoir moved me. Their real, un-filtered virtuoso versions. The truth is we all have a story to tell, like a trajectory it paves the way into our future.


Fast-forward – finally, after years of hard work and dedication to the craft, I had my first book published in 2020 opening the door to many more to come.
‘When I was your age’ was written for my daughters’. To them I proudly leave a literal legacy!

‘Words’ can be medicinal, they can alleviate an ailing heart, sooth scars and give life to a mind filled with shrapnel. Instead of going to wars, I opened my arms to those who have a battle within. Dedicating myself to Pastoral Counselling. We all have ‘a story ’ some, more painful than others – but they all paint a picture. Your phrases tell me your frame of mind and your expressions expel your emotions.

My travel blurbs are bursts of excitement; I enjoy sharing my thoughts on interesting places that I have travelled to and fascinating people I have met along the way. Every lifestyle blog represents my own personal struggles and setbacks. Allowing the reader to journey with me through life. My hope is to always inspire and encourage others to live authentically.


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